05 Feb 2023

Rupali Ganguly: Proud to be part of show that raises issues people die to talk about

Mumbai, Dec 7 (IANS) Rupali Ganguly, who is currently seen playing the titular role in the show 'Anupamaa' talks about the ongoing track where Anupamaa is helping the rape victim in fighting her battle for justice. The actress says that raising such issues is quite important and she is fortunate to be part of a show which is trying to give out a strong message.

She says: "I feel very very proud that I am a part of a show which raises the issues about which people cringe to talk about. People want to kind of put topics under the rug and forget about them. I am glad that we are raising issues that need to be brought forth. My producer is very gutsy to pick a subject like this. The entire point was to bring people out of their comfort zone and say ‘Hey, this happened. And what better to say than to say it through Anupamaa?"

Rupali, who became a household name with shows such as 'Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai', 'Sanjivani', 'Baa Bahoo Aur Baby', and many more, shares further that the current track is meant to motivate people to understand the importance of opening up about such abuse because hiding it is not going to resolve any problem.

"The idea behind bringing up this topic was that such things have been happening for years but still talking about such things has been considered a taboo with our current plot. We want people to be comfortable talking about such things," she adds.

'Anupamaa' airs on Star Plus.