08 Feb 2023

Boman to host business game show now

Mumbai Bollywood actor Boman Irani is set to host a business game show "The Pitch" that aims at encouraging budding entrepreneurs and which will earn the winner a whopping Rs.5 crore. He says he wants to experiment as much as possible as he started out only at age 44. "I don't have time on this planet, I started at 44, I have to go ahead and do what I want. When Shankar (Mahadevan) said to sing a song with him, I joined him...it should excite me. I won't do things for the sake of doing it. Something should strike a cord inside me... This ('The Pitch') did and I am on," Boman told IANS after UTV unveiled the reality show here Tuesday. The show, which will be telecast on business news channel UTV Bloomberg, will shortlist 10 people with some entrepreneurial ideas. They will face challenges thrown by some of India's prominent business leaders like Rahul Bajaj, Kishore Biyani, Nainalal Kidwai and filmmaker Karan Johar among others to win the show. The 10-episode show will eliminate one contestant every day and the winner would be awarded Rs.5 crore to start his business. Boman says he agreed for the show because he will get to learn a lot. "I am excited to be a part of this show as I am truly convinced with the philosophy of promoting entrepreneurship. 'The Pitch' will not only identify the next big idea in India but will also help the winner see the light of day- offering them the funding to make the idea come alive," Boman said. "I am eagerly waiting to learn from these bright and talented sparks of emerging India and test myself over the challenges set by the stalwarts of India," added the actor, who has worked in theatre before and is a professional photographer. This is not the first time Boman is hosting a show. He had earlier quizzed people about their knowledge on "Bollywood Ka Boss", which used to air on Sahara TV. Asked how he would make a business reality show entertaining, he said: "Entertainment has different meanings. You can sing, you can cry...and people get entertained. Here you challenge people and see how they overcome the challenge. "And you are watching this drama in front of your eyes. That's entertainment...This is to see how people go about fulfilling their dream of being an entrepreneur. That's a story itself. Those 10 stories would be entertaining." Boman added: "The show doesn't ends with a person winning Rs.5 crore and he celebrates with the family, it's about continuing. After the show, what happens to him will be the story about the country."