08 Feb 2023

'Bigg Boss 16': Hardcore fans question their favourite contestants on game plan

Mumbai, Dec 2 (IANS) The intensity of the upcoming 'Shukravaar Ka Vaar' episode of 'Bigg Boss 16' will go a notch higher as hardcore fans of the show will come and question their favourite contestants on their game plan and behaviour.

Going with the tradition of revealing the real personalities of the housemates through a task, 'Bigg Boss' announces the 'mud task', wherein a television is kept in the garden area, on the screen the name of a contestant and a statement made against them by the housemates is displayed.

The contestant has to guess which housemate has said this about them. Some bitter hard-to-digest truths are revealed through this game and some big fights happen as a result of this game.

Tina, Soundarya, and Priyanka bear the brunt of this task. For both Tina and Soundarya, it is revealed that Archana not only spoke about the death of Tina's dog but also about Soundarya being in the game to become a part of the film industry.

Tina and Soundarya throw mud at Archana's face and talk about her rude and hurtful statements.

When Priyanka's turn comes, it is revealed that Ankit has said to Soundarya that Priyanka only wants to talk about the game and doesn't listen to him most of the time. This deeply affects Priyanka, and she starts screaming at Ankit and when Soundarya tries to intervene, she screams at her too.

Priyanka accuses Ankit of never understanding her and this leads to a massive fallout between the two. The drama surrounding this game doesn't end, as host Salman Khan also grills Ankit and Priyanka about their fight. Khan tells Priyanka that when Ankit doesn't agree to what she is saying and she tries to convince him, that comes across as Priyanka being overbearing and pressurising Ankit to talk about an issue that he doesn't agree to.

The host then goes on to question Tina about her behaviour this week.

Earlier this week, Tina had refused to cut her birthday cake with housemates as she is upset with Shiv and his gang for breaking her trust and giving the captaincy to Nimrit. The truth revelations don't end here, as Salman Khan invites some 'Hardcore BB fans' onto the stage and they discuss their likes and dislikes about the show and asks some tough questions to the contestants.