29 Mar 2023

Amit Tandon turns host

New Delhi Singer-actor Amit Tandon is set to anchor "BIG Memsaab", a show which serves as a platform for ordinary women to showcase their extraordinary talent. The show is aimed at housewives primarily in central India, and Amit is excited about being part of the show. "I believe there is much talent and desire to showcase talent in cities beyond the metros, but a platform was lacking. This show offers housewives an opportunity to create a new identity for themselves, which is great," Amit said in a statement. He will kick off the mega finale of the show on channel BIG Magic Monday. Amit's journey as a contestant on music reality show "Indian Idol" makes him relate to the ethos of the show, where people attempt to create an identity for themselves. As a reality show participant, Amit has had a fair share of struggle to make it big, after which he also tried his luck at acting.