29 Mar 2023

Rinku Karmakar prefers drama over comedy

Mumbai "I am a drama queen and I like drama," says Rinku Karmarkar, who will be seen essaying a double-role in "Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha". Though excited about the comic avatar, she says her preference is dramatic characters. "I am doubtful about playing such a cute role again. I am a drama queen and I like drama. This has also been created really well. But if I get an opportunity, I prefer drama," said the actress who is happily married to Kiran Karmarkar and has a son. Her identical avatar is funny and will bring comic relief to the story that revolves around a widow with two children who marries her neighbour. "I have never played a double role before. It is a superb opportunity, I really wanted to do this. Am glad it's been granted. But it's not an easy task," Rinku, who plays Renu in the show, told IANS. "We have started shooting. When you start shooting, you realise how much work it is. It's a double role, double effort, double clothes, double make up, double dialogues," she added. Not new to small screen, Rinku has been part of shows like "Swabhimaan" and "Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki". She feels that the industry has changed a great deal and added: "The industry has changed a lot over the years from what I began with. It has taken a big leap. So many options are there and the competition makes it more exciting. It keeps you on your toes," she said. Talking about artists, she feels there are many faces, but all are not actors. "Where actors are concerned, things have changed drastically. How many of them are really actors? The number of faces has increased." At the moment, she is not thinking about other shows. "As of this moment, I don't have time for anything else but my these two roles in one show. It's a lot of effort from everyone's side and I hope double role comes back," she said.