29 Mar 2023

My image never bothers me: Raghu Ram

New Delhi Actor-producer Raghu Ram of "Roadies" fame is aware people perceive him as a "ruthless" man, but he doesn't care. "Image is something I never think about. It is not something that I cultivated. If people think I'm a ruthless man, maybe I'm not because I'm not what people think of me. And if they think I am a soft guy, then I don't think I am a soft guy just because people think so," Raghu told IANS. "I have never done anything with the objective of people liking it. If I start doing that, I will fail," he added. Raghu, whose rough and tough avatar is seen on MTV's youth-based adventure show "Roadies", says he feels satisfied with whatever he does. "At least at the end of the day, I feel satisfied that I was part of something. That is what I work towards. If somebody likes the tough Raghu, great! If somebody hates the tough Raghu, great," he said in a nonchalant tone. The 39-year-old has been an actor, producer, host and even a singer. He has recently been nominated in the category of best pop rock single for music band Agnee's number "Manmaani" for the Global Indian Music Awards (GIMA). Music was a passion for him since a long time. But he wants to take it more seriously now and is open to the idea of crooning songs in future too. "I wanted to learn music, but could not. I would like to take this forward. Of anything, I love music the most. It is something that gives me a lot of happiness. (But) I don't know if I am good enough," Raghu said. "If I get another opportunity, I would do it. I'm not looking for an opportunity, but I have a feeling that one of these days I am going to nag Agnee again," he added. Asked if he is nervous about competing in the same line with established singers like Ujjayinee Roy and Shilpa Rao, the actor said: "I'm excited. Music is something very close to my heart and I love it." "I know I'm not a trained singer. Getting nominated is way beyond awesome, (especially) being nominated in the same stage as filmy and non-filmy music."