28 Mar 2023

Aman Gupta and Ashneer Grover in one frame, fans react

Mumbai, March 9 (IANS) 'Shark Tank India 2' judge Aman Gupta recently attended the wedding of OYO CEO Ritesh Agarwal and shared a picture from the marriage.

However, what caught the attention of everyone was seeing 'Shark Tank India season 1' judge and businessman Ashneer Grover in the same photograph.

As they both clicked together for the first time after Ashneer left the business reality show, it grabbed the eyeballs of social media users.

Aman posted the picture on his Instagram handle and wrote in the caption: "Wishing you a happy married life @riteshagar. Asking on behalf of millions of Indians:- I hope the honeymoon is also at one of the Oyo Rooms"

After Aman's post, many social media users reacted. One of them wrote: "Uff Ashneer-aman in one frame 1! How much we missed you both"

Another mentioned: "So happy to see ashneer and you together."

In the picture, Aman, his wife Priya, Ashneer, and his wife Madhuri Jain can be seen posing with other couples. Ashneer also posted the same picture on his Instagram handle and wrote in the caption: "Wish you a happy married life @riteshagar and Geetansha! Lovely party !!"

After the announcement of 'Shark Tank India 2' judges, Ashneer unfollowed Aman and other judges stating that he is not interested to know about the show or BTS moments from it as he is no longer part of 'Shark Tank India' .

Ashneer, accused of misappropriation of funds by BharatPe, was removed from the positions of the company.

He was also not included among the panel of judges of the second season of the business reality show. Although, he was among the judges in the first season of 'Shark Tank India'.

So, after leaving the show, this was the first time Aman and Ashneer were captured in one frame.