08 Feb 2023

'Bigg Boss 16': Shiv Thakre gets into heated argument with Gori Nagori

Mumbai, Nov 7 (IANS) 'Bigg Boss 16' contestant Shiv Thakre and Gori Nagori will be seen getting into an ugly spat over working in the controversial reality show hosted by superstar Salman Khan.

The group seems to be broken as Sajid, Shiv, Abdu Rozik and MC Stan have ousted Gori from their group. Ever since then, Gori has been a seen arguing with everyone. In the upcoming episode, Shiv will be seen fighting with Gori as she is not working under Abdu's captaincy.

Shiv tells Gori: "'Aap khali baithe ho lunch ke liye kuch saman chahiye toh lane dene bhi problem hai. Meine toh sab lake diya tha but unko aur kuch chahiye toh aap lake de sakte the fir bhi ek hi jagah pe baithe ho. Fukat ka khana kha rahe hai' (You are just sitting in one place. Getting things for lunch is also a problem for you. I also got, but you are jus sitting and not doing anything. You are just having food for free)."

Gori replies to Shiv: "Aapko kya chahiye me khana maat khau. Meine room se kuch ration liya toh aap bolte ho chori kar rahi hu me. Aur aap mere baap bano maat (I shouldn't eat also? When I get the ration, you say I am stealing. Also, don't try to be my father)."