08 Feb 2023

'I'm thankful to be able to travel, make art, meet people,' says Shruti Haasan

Chennai, Nov 11 (IANS) Actress, singer Shruti Haasan, who is currently in Athens shooting for her international film, 'The Eye', said that she is glad that she can travel, make art and meet lovely people.

While shooting overseas for a lengthy schedule does have its perks, there's also a downside. Missing one's home and loved ones.

Shruti can surely attest to this. The actress, who is currently away in Greece, recently posted an Instagram story about all things she misses being away from home.

She posted pictures of her partner Santanu Hazarika, his amazing paintings, her cat and her bed to name a few.

While she posted about all the things she misses, Shruti was quick to mention that she is immensely grateful for the life she leads.

"And yet, I'm so thankful to be able to travel, make art, meet lovely people and live a life that's filled with glitter and love," she wrote.

Shruti's international project, 'The Eye', is being directed by Daphne Schmon and has been written by Emily Carlton.

The film, backed by Fingerprint Content, is being co-produced by Agronauts productions, Greece's biggest and most established production house.

'The Eye' is a psychological thriller that follows the story of a widow who returns to a greek island to spread her deceased husband's ashes.

Apart from Shruti, the film boasts of a stellar starcast with names like Mark Rowley('The Last Kingdom', 'One Day'), Anna Savva ('True Horror') and Linda Marlowe ('The Duchess') among others.