The Osmonds musical to focus on darker side of their fame

Los Angeles, Oct 10 (IANS) The five-brother musical group The Osmonds will be the topic of a new musical based on Jay Osmond's memoir about their cruel father.

The sibling group found huge international success during the 1970s while Donny Osmond later became a massive solo star and global heartthrob, reports

"The Osmonds: A New Musical", based on Jay's memoir, "Stages", will focus on the darker side of the "Crazy Horse" hitmakers' fame, including their ruthless dad George's merciless training of the group and the way their financial advisers conned them out of millions.

Referring to George's treatment of his sons, choreographer Bill Deamer said: "If that happened now, people would hold their hands up in horror. That was cruelty. It's not a jukebox musical. It's the story of their lives."

The production, which will be directed by Shaun Kerrison, will open at the Curve in Leicester, England on February 3, 2022 before embarking on a UK tour.

Producers Hamish Greer and Tom De Keyser hope the production will transfer to London's West End if the regional dates prove successful.

Jamie Chatterton, Danny Nattrass, Ryan Anderson, Alex Lodge, and Joseph Peacock are set to play Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay and Donny, respectively.

Donny recently opened up about his health issues.

He feared he would never be able to walk again due to an infection following spinal surgery.

He needed surgery after losing sensation in his limbs during a gig in Las Vegas in November 2019.