08 Feb 2023

Elvis Presley died of constipation

London American Rock 'n' Roll star Elvis Presley died in a toilet in 1977 of constipation and not heart attack, a report reveals. It is now said that the singer could have lived for more years if he had not refused to get a surgery done for his persistent constipation problem. Doctor George Nick Nichopoulos was with the singer when he died and believes his refusal to deal with the problem killed him. "We didn't realise until the autopsy that his constipation was as bad. We found stool in his colon which had been there for four or five months because of the poor mobility of the bowel," femalefirst.co.uk quoted a doctor as saying. "He would get embarrassed. He'd have accidents onstage. He'd have to change clothes and come back because of the way we were trying to treat his constipation," he added. According to Nichopoulos, Elvis suffered from a hereditary condition called bowel paralysis. His autopsy revealed his colon was five to six inches in diameter, compared to the usual two to three inches.