29 Mar 2023

Haven't given up on direction: Subrahmanyam

Chennai Veteran Telugu actor A.V. Subrahmanyam, popularly known as AVS, says his last directorial attempts may have failed but he hasn't yet given up on the idea of direction. "I directed a few films with immense passion but they unfortunately did not do well. But this hasn't made me give up on the idea of making films again. I would like to experiment again, sooner or later," AVS told IANS. "Direction is a time consuming process, and therefore I don't want to hurry. I'll revisit the idea to direct whenever I find time and, most importantly, I need to have a storyline before I even think of making films," he added. The 56-year-old has wielded the megaphone for Telugu films such as "Roommates", "Superheroes", "Ori Nee Prema Bangaram Kaanu" and "Kothi Mooka". Asked if he enjoys direction more than acting, he said: "It has to be acting because audiences have accepted me as an actor and I'm happy being one. Direction is something that inspires me to bring to life an idea or concept hidden deep within me." "Pavitra" and "Aalasyam Amrutham" are the actor's upcoming Telugu films.