30 May 2023

From jacket for Rs 2 lakh to tees for Rs 40K: Aryan Khan trolled for his fashion line

Mumbai, May 1 (IANS) Just when the excitement was at its peak over Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan's clothing brand Dyavol X, the prices of the limited edition confused and startled many.

The website crashed as soon as the collection dropped with a jacket autographed by Shah Rukh, priced at a whopping Rs 2 lakh, was later found to be sold out. Not just the jacket, but other ensembles too had outlandish pricing such as T-shirts being priced at an shocking Rs 25,000-Rs 47,000.

This did not stop social media users from having a field day at what they do best -- roasting.

One wrote: "Kaun Ho Bhai Raees Zaade???#DyavolX"

Another showed his shopping cart, which showed a bill of over Rs 6 lakhs as it contained clothing items D'YAVOL Duck for Rs 48,800, Alpha for RS 45,500, Signature X for 4,01,110 and another Signature X for Rs 2,00,555. The total was Rs. 6,95,965.

The user captioned it: "Bhai #DyavolX ke price dekh ke mere ko chakkar aa rahe hain."

Another said: "Agar yeh common man ke liye nahi, toh trend kaun kara hai? Another #Pathaanonprime? Look at the bloody prices. #DyavolX

One wrote a message for Shah Rukh Khan, saying that he "miserably failed" to address his son about "Pricing strategies".

The user wrote: Dear @iamsrk, My favourite Actor, philosopher, socialist. You miserably failed to address your expensive son about Pricing strategies before launching a product in a market. Agreed that's a luxury brand, possibly you don't aim your fans to sell their kidneys. Lol! #DyavolX"

One aspired to buy a hoodie from the label, and quipped: "Thought of buying a hoodie from #DyavolX but then I got to know that they don't deliver to my pin code so I dropped the plan. PS : it just cost around 50k inr for a hoodie. Okay bye.

Another said: "HRX Being human is good enough. Buying from #DyavolX is not even showing off ,it's stupidity. Konsi tshirt 48k me ati ha manufactured in india."