When debutants left Big B embarrassed

Mumbai Amitabh Bachchan is proud to have worked with four newcomers in the new film "Teen Patti", saying even when he did not know his lines, they would be set and ready on the sets. And it was much the same with co-actor Ben Kingsley, whose preparedness left the Indian megastar a trifle embarrassed. "I am proud to work with these young debutant actors. It's their first film and I am certain that when you will see the film you won't believe that it was their first film. I hope they will have a very bright future," Amitabh told reporters after the first look of "Teen Patti" at Cinemax Versova. Amitabh worked with Siddharth Kher, Shraddha Kapoor, Vaibhav Talwar and Dhruv Ganesh in Leena Yadav's film. The movie also stars the legendary Kingsley. "They were very enthusiastic and determined to do their work well at this age. They were doing very well in their very first film - the way they have prepared their roles, the rehearsals they did for months to get into the character." "Many a time I would go on to the sets and not know what I was supposed to do or my lines were not ready with me, but they were all set and ready. That was the inspiration. So every night when I went back to the hotel or came back home, I made sure that I also prepared, so that I didn't look like a fool the next morning," the superstar added. "Teen Patti" is an emotionally riveting and razor sharp thriller about greed, deception and giant feats of imagination. "I play the role of mathematics professor who has cracked a theory of probability and my seniors in university are discarding my findings. One day while playing cards on the computer I realise that my theory is applicable to card games. I discuss my theory with my junior professor, played by Madhavan, and he gives me the idea of visiting a casino and trying my theory," Big B said. "The theory is if I get to know any one person's cards, by theory of probability I would be able to guess the cards of other members playing the game. That way we win a huge amount of money which in return subjects us to some unprecedented circumstances," he said. On working with Kingsley, Amitabh said: "He is a wonderful human being. I think that's what comes through before you actually encounter him as an actor. He readily agreed to a reading rehearsal, much before we went on the set and when we were working in England he came across to the hotel where I was and we sat in our room just like two ordinary people and to my surprise he knew every alphabet of his dialogues much, much before I had even decided to sort of look at it. "That was very embarrassing for me because I was just reading my script and he was reciting all his lines. Very, very well prepared, very considerate actor, very considerate to all his colleagues. It was a wonderful experience," he added. "Teen Patti" is slated for release Feb 26.