05 Feb 2023

No shortcuts for beauty, go for herbal care

New Delhi Cosmetic surgeries and facials are gaining momentum among men and women, who are forgetting natural therapies and products, says entrepreneur Divita Kanoria of Tatha, a range of herbal and natural products. "People want to take the shortcut. Herbal products have more long lasting effects, but you have to start early and you really have to be aware of these products," Kanoria told IANS. She spoke on the sidelines of the launch of the Vedic Collection store, which houses Samaya, a new range of natural wellness products, and fashion designer Jattinn Kochhar's new herbal clothing line. Samaya is a sub-range under Tatha. It is priced lower than the Tatha range. The Samaya products use the power of different types of tea with blooming flowers, that help curing health issues like indigestion, insomnia and weight issues. "We have five different kinds of teas. There are three blooming teas and they come as a bud and you put it in hot water and it blooms. The base is a green tea and the flowers then add to the healing power of the tea. "They enhance the immune system and make you feel relaxed. We have teas like rose and Jasmine which is again very easing," she said. The Samaya products include beauty products like herbal body wash, tea tree face wash, clove gel face pack and mango bathing bar. The price tags range from Rs.150 to Rs.1,000. The clothes range by Kochhar includes Khadi clothes for men and women, and are mostly available in shades of white, with some colourful prints.