29 May 2023

Shekhar Kapur dines with Orlando Bloom

New Delhi Internationally-acclaimed Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur expressed his grief on the passing of Australian actor Heath Ledger, who died two years ago. The "Elizabeth" director dined with Hollywood star Orlando Bloom to remember Ledger. "It's second anniversary of Heath's passing... Even through the sadness and heavy heart I sense him laughing and smiling almost looking down and saying 'Get on with it, Mate!'," Kapur posted on his blog www.shekharkapur.com/blog, from San Jose, California. "So, I am just going to look up at Heath's smiling face and say 'Hey, Mate! We are still down here trying to understand it all'... Trying to imitate his broad Australian drawl," he added. "Tonight I am going to LA (Los Angeles) and having dinner with Orando Bloom. The last time we met was in Heath's (Ledger) friend's pad in Melbourne, where Heath was proudly showing a rough cut of 'The Four Feathers' (his 2002 movie) to all his friends," he wrote Friday. "So proud was he (Ledger) of his performance in a film that actually did very little at the box office," he added. Ledger passed away Jan 22, 2008, due to a drug overdose. He posthumously won an Oscar for his role as the Joker in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight".