Bollywood Country en-us <![CDATA[ Bollywood Country ]]> 70 70 <![CDATA[ Here's how Varun will celebrate once COVID-19 pandemic ends ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 19:12:00 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Actor Varun Dhawan has shared how he will celebrate once the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19: Sukhwinder Singh unveils a prayer song ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 19:01:50 +0530 Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Singer Sukhwinder Singh has released a prayer song in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. ]]> <![CDATA[ Jamie Dornan defends Gal Gadot's 'Imagine' video ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 19:01:19 +0530

Los Angeles, April 10 (IANS) Actor Jamie Dornan has come forward to defend actress Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video, which went viral but was deemed "out of touch" by many social media users.

]]> <![CDATA[ One Direction plan a special treat for fans to mark 10th anniversary ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 19:00:49 +0530

London, April 10 (IANS) Singer Liam Payne and his One Direction bandmates are currently in talks for a special project.

]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19: Athiya Shetty pitches in with dry ration, hygiene kits ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 19:00:10 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, actress Athiya Shetty is doing her bit to help the poor. Through her mother Mana Shetty' organisation, Save The Children India, Athiya is pitching in with the distribution of dry ration, hygiene kits and also direct bank transfers.

]]> <![CDATA[ Taika Waititi teases 'Thor: Love And Thunder' details ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 18:59:36 +0530

Los Angeles, April 10 (IANS) Filmmaker Taika Waititi has teased a few details about his upcoming Marvel movie "Thor: Love And Thunder" with Tessa Thompson and Mark Ruffalo.

]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19: Manushi Chhillar raises awareness through Unicef campaign ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 18:58:59 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Former Miss World Manushi Chhillar has been approached by UNICEF to be a part of their campaign to raise awareness on the COVID-19 pandemic.

]]> <![CDATA[ Tiger Shroff shares video of first double landing, fans are awestruck ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 18:23:55 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Action star Tiger Shroff has always been synonymous fitness and body flexibility. The actor keeps entertaining fans by sharing videos of workout and stunts. In his latest videoposted on Friday, Tiger flaunts his first double landing, and he sure does it effortlessly!

]]> <![CDATA[ Rihanna buys ventilator for dad as he recovers from COVID-19 ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 18:11:34 +0530

Los Angeles, April 10 (IANS) Pop star Rihanna helped keep her father Ronald Fenty's spirits up after she got to know he has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

]]> <![CDATA[ Salman Khan eats leaves for breakfast along with his horse, says it's 'damn good' ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 17:08:00 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has shared a funny video where he can be seen chewing leaves along with his horse!

]]> <![CDATA[ Lockdown diaries: Kajal Aggarwal learns to make khasta samosas from mum ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 17:01:46 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) South star Kajal Aggarwal has turned into quite an expert chef thanks to lockdown quarantine! The actress recently showed off her skills at baking a carrot cake, and now she is trying her hand at whipping up the perfect Punjabi khasta samosa.

]]> <![CDATA[ Harvey Weinstein survives COVID-19 ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 16:59:37 +0530

Los Angeles, April 10 (IANS) Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has survived COVID-19, and has been released from a 14-day quarantine.

]]> <![CDATA[ Lockdown diaries: Janhvi Kapoor gets sister Khushi to be her hairdresser ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 16:58:40 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Its's Siblings Day today, and actress Janhvi Kapoor has posted a video to share how her younger sister Khushi has turned hairdresser for her, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

]]> <![CDATA[ Celine Dion tweaks 'My heart will go on' for COVID-19 days ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 16:58:06 +0530 Los Angeles, April 10 (IANS) Singer Celine Dion revisited her iconic song "My heart will go on", and tweaked it to encourage people to practice social distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. ]]> <![CDATA[ Lockdown diaries: Sara, Ibrahim share throwback 'knock-knock' jokes ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 16:16:30 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) At a tense time due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, actress Sara Ali Khan and her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan made many chuckle with a throwback "knock-knock" joke on social media.


]]> <![CDATA[ Jolie concerned about children safety during COVID-19 lockdown ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 16:13:56 +0530

Los Angeles, April 10 (IANS) Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has urged Americans to keep in touch with at-risk families during the COVID-19 lockdown and report any form of child abuse fears to the authorities.

]]> <![CDATA[ Bhumi learns hydroponics farming from mother amid lockdown ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 16:12:52 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Actress Bhumi Pednekar has decided to learn the science of hydroponics farming from her mother Sumitra Pednekar during the COVID-19 lockdown.

]]> <![CDATA[ When Joaquin Phoenix threw up backstage before TV interview ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 16:02:23 +0530

Los Angeles, April 10 (IANS) Intense anxiety before a TV interview once made Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix throw up backstage.

]]> <![CDATA[ Hansal Mehta: 'Masakali' remake is 'awful, ear shattering' ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 15:28:55 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has reacted to the remake version of Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman's iconic number "Masakali", calling it "awful" and "ear shattering". While a few cringe, somebody is laughing his way to the bank, he added.

]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19: Salman thanks all for 'understanding' gravity of the situation ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 15:23:06 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has thanked everyone for "listening and understanding" about lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus in India.

]]> <![CDATA[ Rapper Raja Kumari: Pt Ravi Shankar was first person to bless me in my artistic career ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 15:18:07 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Indian-American rapper-songwriter Raja Kumari has paid a tribute to the late Grammy award-winner sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar and said that he was the first person to bless her.

]]> <![CDATA[ User claims Anurag Kashyap is rolling a joint in video, filmmaker says it's tobacco ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 15:17:46 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) A video featuring Anurag Kashyap seems to have landed the filmmaker in trouble. A user has complained to Mumbai Police that Kashyap is actually "rolling a joint" in the video, which is "illegal in India". Soon afterwards, the filmmaker responded claiming he was rolling up tobacco.

]]> <![CDATA[ COVID-19: How 'The Batman' is dealing with the villainous virus ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 15:17:30 +0530

London, April 10 (IANS) Amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, filmmaker Matt Reeves says he is spending his time looking for ways to move forward with "The Batman", which stars Robert Pattinson in the title role.

]]> <![CDATA[ American band The Aces feel people need music more than ever now ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 15:17:15 +0530

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) American alternative pop band The Aces made a bold move by releasing their new song, "Lost Angeles", amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. They promise to continue to give their fans new music as they feel people need music more than ever right now.

]]> <![CDATA[ Big B almost believed 'blindness is on its way' ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 14:25:10 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan has expressed concern over the condition of his vision. The veteran actor is afraid that he might just turn blind.

]]> <![CDATA[ Akshay Kumar donates 3cr for rapid testing kits, PPE ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 14:24:30 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Akshay Kumar has donated Rs 3 crore to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for the manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), masks, and rapid testing kits, in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

]]> <![CDATA[ Why 'Four More Shots Please!' celebrates men and women ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 12:36:36 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Rangita Pritish Nandy was always certain that she wanted to celebrate women, their flaws, their highs and lows through her show "Four More Shots Please!", but without male-bashing.

]]> <![CDATA[ Lockdown diaries: Avneet Kaur is trying out new things ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 11:35:41 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) "Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga" actress Avneet Kaur is enjoying a new kind of busy schedule at home during the nationwide lockdown.

]]> <![CDATA[ Lockdown diaries: Payal Ghosh takes to gardening ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 11:35:05 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Actress Payal Ghosh has taken to gardening during the quarantine period.

]]> <![CDATA[ Paresh Rawal: Was surprised to know my son has signed a film as an actor ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 10:40:21 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Paresh Rawal's son Aditya is all set to make his acting debut in the upcoming digital film "Bamfaad", but the National Award-winning veteran actor always thought that Rawal junior would be a writer because he had studied creative writing. The proud father, however, is emotional and overwhelmed seeing his son on screen.

]]> <![CDATA[ Neha Kakkar: We don't get paid for singing in Bollywood ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 10:39:59 +0530

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) She has belted out some of the biggest foot-tapping hits including "Garmi", "Aankh marey", "O saki", "Dilbar" and "Kala chashma" among many others, and enjoys as much popularity as any top singer in contemporary Bollywood. Yet, Neha Kakkar tells you, that singers hardly ever get paid in the film industry.

]]> <![CDATA[ Brad Pitt's awkward experience with make-up artist ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 10:39:23 +0530

Los Angeles, April 10 (IANS) Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt shares a good rapport with his make-up artist, Jean Black.

]]> <![CDATA[ Halle Berry did 'John Wick 3' to kick ageism in the face ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 09:20:19 +0530

Los Angeles, April 10 (IANS) Actress Halle Berry says she did "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" as it gave her a chance to kick ageism in the face.

]]> <![CDATA[ When Maanvi Gagroo was asked to 'compromise' ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 09:20:05 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Bollywood actress Maanvi Gagroo has revealed a sordid casting couch experience that she once had to suffer, involving a web series maker.

]]> <![CDATA[ #DilSeThankYou keeps trending as B-Town stars salute Mumbai Police ]]> Fri, 10 Apr 2020 09:19:43 +0530

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) The hashtag #DilSeThankYou has kept trending on Twitter all of Thursday and well into Friday, which is hardly surprising because it includes the tweets of Bollywoods A-list. What catches your attention about this particular trend, which had garnered an impressive 51.3k tweets in less than 24 hours, is the reason.

]]> <![CDATA[ Sandeepa's 'big day' is all about hand washing, looking out of window ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 21:27:08 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Actress Sandeepa Dhar took to Instagram, where she shared a few photographs of herself posing in front of the camera.

]]> <![CDATA[ Tanuj Virwani directs short film amid COVID-19 pandemic ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 21:26:27 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Amid the coronavirus lockdown, actor Tanuj Virwani, who was last seen in "Inside Edge" and "Code M", has come up with a short film, titled "Urban Incarceration".

]]> <![CDATA[ 'Hum Paanch' returns on TV, Rakhi Vijan is excited ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 21:25:51 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Actress Rakhi Vijan is thrilled about her iconic series "Hum Paanch" coming back on the small screen after more than 15 years.

]]> <![CDATA[ Ali Fazal, Surbhi Jyoti star in Vishal Mishra's new song on past love ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:52:48 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Singer-composer Vishal Mishra has come up with a song that talks about his past love experience. Its music video sees Ali Fazal pairing up with Surbhi Jyoti.

]]> <![CDATA[ Yami Gautam reveals qualities she wants in her partner ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:52:23 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) "Good cook" and "good humour" are the two essential qualities that actress Yami Gautam wants in her life partner.

]]> <![CDATA[ Lockdown diaries: Neena Gupta mows the lawn ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:50:47 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Actress Neena Gupta is putting her lockdown time to good use by mowing the lawn.

]]> <![CDATA[ KJo's kids dislike his version of 'Channa mereya', B-Town agrees ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:50:13 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) It seems filmmaker Karan Johar's kids Roohi and Yash are not a great fan of his musical sense.

]]> <![CDATA[ Lockdown diaries: Preity loves to work out with her pet dog ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:49:44 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Preity Zinta sure loves to work out with her pet dog.

]]> <![CDATA[ Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt okay with 'traditional schooling' for their kids ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:15:03 +0530

Los Angeles, April 9 (IANS) Former Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly want their children to now have "traditional schooling".

]]> <![CDATA[ 18 musical icons unite for virtual concerts ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:05:10 +0530

New Delhi, April 9 (IANS) Musical icons including Asha Bhosle, SP Balasubramaniam, Udit Narayan, Pankaj Udhas, Talat Aziz, Alka Yagnik, Sonu Nigam, Shaan and Kailash Kher, will get together for virtual concerts to show solidarity to the people who are at the frontline in the battle against COVID 19.

]]> <![CDATA[ Kareena shares throwback beach pic with hubby Saif and son Taimur ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:04:41 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Amid a 21-day nationwide lockdown, actress Kareena Kapoor Khan posted a throwback photograph of herself at the beach.

]]> <![CDATA[ Bella Thorne forgoes tenants' rents amid lockdown ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:04:26 +0530

Los Angeles, April 9 (IANS) Actress Bella Thorne has waived her tenants' rent to ease their stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

]]> <![CDATA[ Alaya F: Nepotism is a reality ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:04:08 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Actress Alaya F, daughter of Pooja Bedi, says nepotism is a reality in Bollywood but insists she did not take her mother's help to secure her debut movie.

]]> <![CDATA[ B Praak drops his new song, 'Kuch bhi ho jaye' ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:03:41 +0530

Chandigarh, April 9 (IANS) Singer B Praak has come up with his new Punjabi track, "Kuch Bhi Ho Jaye".

]]> <![CDATA[ Lockdown diaries: Nilu Kohli enjoys being mom-in-law in real life ]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2020 20:03:17 +0530

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) "Choti Sarrdaarni" actress Nilu Kohli has often taken up roles of a mother-in-law in TV shows. Now amidst the nationwide lockdown, she is trying to be the best mother-in-law in real life.