Rehaan believes in staying fit all the time

Mumbai, Oct 6 (IANS) Actor Rehaan Roy is "very confident" about his body as he believes in staying fit all the time.

Rehaan plays Parv in the TV show "Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega".

"A scene required me to go shirtless, but I did not do any preparations for it. I believe in staying fit all the time and if you are fit, I don't think you need any extra preparation to flaunt your body on screen. I was very confident," Rehaan said in a statement.

"I'm enjoying every bit of playing Parv. The show is amazing and my character is very strong. For the first time, I'm playing full on negative character and as an actor, it's a great opportunity to explore that aspect of me," he added.

Rehaan has also featured in TV shows like "Agnifera" and "Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi".