American band The Aces feel people need music more than ever now

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) American alternative pop band The Aces made a bold move by releasing their new song, "Lost Angeles", amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. They promise to continue to give their fans new music as they feel people need music more than ever right now.

Many projects have been put on hold due to the global lockdown following the increase in number of victims of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

But The Aces, which consist of sisters Cristal (lead vocalist and guitarist) and Alisa Ramirez (drummer), Katie Henderson (guitarist) and McKenna Petty (bassist), dropped their new song just a few days ago.

"'Lost Angeles' was actually written about a year ago. It documents our experience moving from our smaller suburban home town, and how heartbreak can change a city for you. We think people need music more than ever right now, so we will continue to give our fans new music," Cristal told IANS.

The quartet had also recently released the video of their track "Daydream".

Now, they are in Utah in the US with family. "We aren't getting together because we are trying to be as safe as we can, but lots of group FaceTimes are happening," said Alisa.

They just united for a virtual performance and chat with their fans for ‘Vh1 Quarantunes' Live on the Instagram page of Vh1 India.

They are used to performing in front of a crowd. Asked what they like about the concept of virtual concerts, Katie said: "That you can connect to more people than you would be able to in a live setting. More people can tune in and watch, plus they get to do it from the comfort of their own homes."

Many people are bringing out their inner chef or showing their creative side during this global lockdown.

For these girls, they are really trying to comfort and stay close to their fans. "I think we are more accessible to them right now. It feels like despite everything that's going on, everyone is getting really creative and pushing themselves to go outside of the box. We feel really inspired by it," said McKenna.

They feel they have evolved a lot since their first single, "Stuck", which had released in 2016. After few more singles, they launched their debut album "When My Heart Felt Volcanic" in April 2018.

"We've evolved a lot, we've grown up. We are more sure of ourselves and better know how to say exactly how we feel. It just comes with age," Cristal.

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