Sona , Ram work on defined roles

New Delhi, Sep 8 (IANS) Singer Sona Mohapatra says things are very professional while working with composer-husband Ram Sampath on various compositions.

The couple has worked together on tracks like "Daav laga", "Bedardi raja", "Ambarsariya". Mohapatra feels blessed having a partner like Sampath.

"The truth is that the roles are very defined. He is the composer and actually makes the song. When it comes down to recording song in the studio, then he is the captain of the ship. He is in charge. He crafts and gives birth to the track," Mohapatra told IANS.

"The advantage is that I get to live with the song. To be working with somebody like Ram is a blessing because he is not a mere musician, he is a person who has a conceptual mind," she added.

The singer does accept that there are times when the couple faces creative differences, but both of them take it in good spirit.

"I am painting a picture and it's largely pretty. There are also times, you do have tense situations but it's nothing that worries us. You are working hard, day in and out but it's all for music. So we are having a ball," she said.

Mohapatra recently collaborated with popular Carnatic vocalist Aruna Sairam and singer Samantha Edwards for the third season of "Coke Studio@MTV" on the song "Main toh piya se", composed by Sampath and she calls the song her best one till date.

"I can say up front that it is my career's best till now. What is amazing is that I pulled off that song live. I get great pride in saying that it was quite a victory because it was a complex song," she said.

The song was part of the episode based on devi (goddess) theme and Mohapatra says the idea was to advise people to respect women and not be aggressive towards them.

"The idea of the band was to depict the power of devi and spirit of shakti (power) within. I wish men carry more of that Shakti. The power to protect and love women rather than just being power hungry and being inclined to be violent," she said.