Singer Miley Cyrus upset over missing 4/20 fest

Los Angeles, April 21: Singer Miley Cyrus, who has been hospitalised, feels wrecked as her plans to celebrate cannabis culture's 4/20 holiday has gone awry.

4/20 is a date, which has a special meaning for pot smokers due to its link to 4.20 p.m., the time when marijuana lovers like to get high. It is celebrated every year on April 20.

The "Wrecking Ball" hitmaker made her marijuana use no secret. Due to her severe allergic reaction to antibiotics, she won't be able to attend this year's festival, reports

Cyrus took to Twitter: "Boutta (sic) be the wackest 4/20 ever. Happy 420/ Easter! I’ll be where I’ve been the passed week. In bed. Crying. Not stoned. Wackkkk (sic)."

The singer's Bangerz Tour dates in the US have been rescheduled for August. (Bollywood Country Report)