08 Feb 2023

'Piya Basanti... Again' after over 10 years

New Delhi: The team of hit music album "Piya Basanti" has reunited after over a decade for a sequel with seven new compositions, including unheard melodies of late singer Ustad Sultan Khan. The new album, by Sony Music, is titled "Piya Basanti...Again". Singer Chithra and composer Sandesh Shandilya too have worked on it. "'Piya Basanti' has been an iconic album in the early 2000 and the sequel promises to be the same and much more. We have kept the same nuances while creating this album," Sanujeet Bhujabal, marketing director, Sony Music Entertainment India, said in a statement. The album, which will be available across stores by August end, also includes a remix by DJ Rishabh to connect with the younger music fanatics.