Manish Arora creates art installation to spread positive message

December 07, 2017

Manish Arora creates art installation to spread positive message

New Delhi, Dec 7 : Manish Arora has collaborated with St-art India Foundation to create an art installation titled "All We need is Love" for Jindal Mansion. The ace designer says that his piece is inspired by his life philosophy of looking at things in a positive way.

Talking about collaborating with St-art India Foundation that aims to make streets more interactive through the medium of urban art, the designer told IANS on email: "I was approached by St+art India Foundation almost a year back to work on a piece of art in Mumbai but we didn't have the right canvas to showcase the art."

"The Jindal Mansion then came about to be the perfect canvas for our installation. My installation is titled, 'All We Need is Love,' and comes from my life philosophy to always see life in a positive manner. In a world filled with so much uncertainty, positive messaging becomes extremely important."

The installation was the result of 6 months of ideating, 35 artisans and 3 months.

Created with yards of cloth, either hand embroidered or printed, close to 2400 pieces were pieced together to create the finished look. The installation is all about colour, joy and celebration with added glow-in-the-dark elements.

Arora says that "the installation is about invoking love to people through the vibrant colours."

"As the year 2017 comes to a close, I wanted people to wrap up the year with optimism and a positive outlook and feeling rather than all the negativity. Hopefully, I get people to stop and think and remember that love and hope surpasses everything," he said.

Arjun Bahl, Co-Founder of St+art India Foundation and also the festival director says that they are "thrilled to be working with Manish on this amazing thought provoking installation in the Jindal Mansion."

"Over the years, Manish has proved how he flawlessly takes inspiration from his fashion practice to scale up his creativity in the most unexpected manner," he said.