Shah Rukh blames smoking habit on days with theatre

Toronto Bollywood super star Shah Rukh Khan blames his initial days with theatre for his smoking habit. Recalling his days as a theatre actor in Delhi, he said: "I remember when a fireplace was put up, the guys used to go behind the fireplace to smoke and put out the fire. That's how I also started smoking and it is not my fault. It has (this habit) got all to do with theatre." The Badshah of Bollywood, who arrived in Toronto for the 12th International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards ceremony, said he would love to return to theatre as it was his first love. "I belong to theatre. I started off doing a lot of stage in Delhi... first small time and then a little on the streets. Always the desire was to be a theatre actor. I used to work with John Barry and even Sheilaji - a lot of wonderful producers, directors. We used to go out and perform in small little theatres and on stages." He added, "The Kingdom of Dreams (in Gurgaon) wants me to come and perform under the tutelage of Shiamak Davar." Challenging Dawar and making fun of his knee problem, he said, "My dance is better than yours even on one leg." When a reporter asked him in lighter vein in Hindi, "Kya mard ko dard naahi hota: (whether a man like him doesn't feel pain) - Shah Rukh replied in the same vein - "Mard ko bahut dard hota hai" (the man feels a lot of pain). The actor said he was advised two weeks ago not to perform, but he didn't want to go back on his commitment to Wizcraft "who have been very kind to me all these years". He said his knee surgery is scheduled for July.