Mimoh feels burdened as star kid

Mumbai Son of yesteryears actors Mithun Chakraborty and Yogita Bali, newbie Mahakshay alias Mimoh believes that being a star son is a "curse". "Everything is a curse of being the son of such a big actor. It's a big burden," Mimoh told IANS. "I am a newcomer and he (Mithun) has been here in the industry for 30 years and he says that he is still learning. I am just two films old. How much would I know," asked Mimoh, who made his acting debut with "Jimmy" in 2008. "But people would still compare me with him," lamented Mimoh, who starred in the Vikram Bhatt directed "Haunted 3D" this year. Being constantly compared to his National Award winning father is not easy but now Mimoh has learnt to take it in his stride. "Now I am used to it. I am proud to be his son. It involves huge responsibility, which is helping me in being more responsible," said the 26-year-old. Being the son of the signature actor of the disco dancing era, Mimoh is in the process of getting into the groove of some of the best dancers in the industry, including his father. "If it's ever mentioned about dance, Mithun Chakraborty's name tops the list. Being his son, people expect me to dance too. But yes, I am still learning and trying to pick up some of dad's steps, some of Hrithik Roshan and some of Shahid Kapoor. And I think this learning process would continue forever," said Mimoh.