Invest more in women health care: Shabana Azmi

New Delhi Thousands of mothers die during child birth so we need to invest more to save them, says actress and activist Shabana Azmi. "This Mother's Day is a grim reminder of thousands of mothers dying during child birth," said Shabana, brand ambassador of "Save The Children" campaign, in a press statement. "It is indeed sad that on one hand our country is emerging as a global power and on the other we have shocking statistics on maternal, newborn and child mortality. As a nation we must invest in the health of mothers and children," she added. Every year around 68,000 women die annually from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth and India ranks 73 out of 77 middle-income countries, rated for the 'best place to be a mother in'. The recent report released by "Save the Children" indicates that lack of knowledge and poor education adds to the misery of women. Despite progress in reducing maternal mortality and child mortality, India still ranks one out of 12 countries that account for two-thirds of under five and maternal deaths in the world. "There is a strong link between the status of women, her level of education and her health. When women have little or no education, they have little say over whether they can go to a doctor or not. Educated girls marry later and have healthy babies. Strong, healthy women lead to strong, healthy children and communities," said Shabana.