Gulzar loves 'Musaddilal Chale Office Office'

Mumbai Oscar winning lyricist Gulzar, who has penned the songs of film "Musaddilal Chale Office Office", loves how director Rajiv Mehra has fantastically captured the common man's plight in dealing with venal government officers humorously. "Common man has always suffered the corruption in government office. Somewhere or the other every common man is facing this in daily basis. "What I liked best in this film is that Rajiv has named these common men Musaddilal. And another thing I liked most about this film is how humorously this has been shown," Gulzar told reporters at a promotion of the film here Saturday. "I don't know how he could capture this in three hours because these problems are so widespread in almost every section of government offices," he added. Releasing August 5, "Musaddilal Chale Office Office" is the big screen adaptation of super hit television serial "Office Office", where actor-turned-director Pankaj Kapoor plays the title role. However, "Musaddilal Chale Office Office" is not the collage of the incidents shown on the TV. It's an absolutely fresh story but with the same principal characters. Gulzar regrets the inept political system of our country too. "In our parliament, since independence, there are hundreds of issues, which are been put up for discussion. What percentage of problem has actually been solved that you can understand in your day-to-day state of living?" said the 74-year-old poet.