Big B's justificaton

New Delhi An excited grandfather-to-be Amitabh Bachchan announced his daughter-in-law Aishwarya's pregnancy on Twitter and came under flak for it. But the megastar has justified the move. "I burn with the desire of my love and affection of my EF (extended family). They are my little world that feeds and expresses and holds me, embraces me with the warmth and care as that of a mother with her new born," Big B posted on his blog "The question people ask me often. Why do you do this. And how can you continue to do this every day without a break. When you had to you broke the news of Aishwarya on the Twitter and the Blog. Why would you want a private moment in your life to be put on a public platform, and that too by your own accord," he added. And the 68-year-old has just one reply to silence the wagging tongues. "And I tell Blog and my Twitter are my extended family. I consider it my duty to first inform my family! You have a problem with that ??... Silence and embarrassed faces!," he said. Big B also recollected an incident during the Abhi-Ash wedding when it was made a private affair and people had thrown stones at their house for not sharing the moment of joy and happiness with them. "Wen I get my son married in a private manner, a marriage in the family, often considered a private moment... you throw stones in my house at that auspicious hour to show your resentment on why we have not made ourselves public! And today you question my effort to get public???!!! This is my family," he said. "We exist every day to be with each other in heart and soul. But you? You exist because of the commerce that it brings. You need to decide what and where you are and what you do. I know what and where I am and doing what!!" he added.