'Paathshala' narrates story of few youngsters.

I'm an actor, not comedian: Sivaji

Sivaji, known for films "Missamma", "Ammayi Bagundi", likes to be called actor.

Telugu veteran Chiranjeevi joins government

The Telugu actor has joined Manmohan Singh government under independent charge

'Aarohanam' was challening: Viji

The actress says the role was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity.

First weekend phenomena affecting Marathi films

The phenomenon is not healthy for Marathi films as they rely upon word of mouth

Tamil actress Shubha Phutela dead

Tamil actress Shubha Phutela passed away after a prolonged kidney problem.

Shiva has his hands full

Radio Jockey-turned-actor Shiva has about half-a-dozen projects lined up.

'Genius' to mirror modern-day youth's lifestyle

Omkar's "Genius" will bring to light the modern-day lifestyle of youngsters.