With DJing taking over the youth, here are some important know-how's of DJing.

Bollywood has hijacked Punjabi pop: Harbhajan Mann

Bollywood has hijacked Punjabi pop: Harbhajan Mann

Singer Harbhajan Mann believes Bollywood has hijacked Punjabi pop music.

Cowell bored of 'The X Factor'

Music moghul Simon Cowell is now bored of 'The X Factor'.

British pop singer jumps to death

British pop singer Charles Haddon plunged to his death.

Colombian salsa band eyes Bollywood

Colombian salsa band 'La 33' may soon find its way into Bollywood

Spice Girls founders on talent hunt for Asian band

Spice Girls is on a look out for talented candidate in India.

Spice Girls reunite for a movie

Spice Girls are planning to come together to make a sequel of their film.

Indian Ocean to embark on five-city tour

Indian Ocean is set to rock five cities with their contemporary fusion music.